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Established 1987 | Incorporated 2000

Welcome to the Heart of the Meetings and Hospitality Industry

MIC of Colorado delivers a shared vision, the grounds for growth and improvement, and the space for community and networking.
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Unite, Learn, and Thrive

We address the key challenges faced by planners, event professionals, and vendors by fostering a collaborative environment where industry experts can share innovative ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge strategies.
MIC offers a platform for continuous education and professional growth, ensuring that members stay ahead of industry trends and are equipped to handle the complexities of planning and executing successful events. Through its diverse member organizations, MIC provides a comprehensive network for building meaningful connections, unlocking new business opportunities, and overcoming the silos that often hinder industry progress.
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MIC helps professionals navigate the evolving landscape of the meetings and events industry with confidence and creativity.

The Power of MIC

A Collective of 12 Leading Organizations

We forge connections and partnerships under a common vision, breaking down industry silos.

Being a part of MIC comes with a multitude of benefits.

Top-Notch Education

Exclusive Networking Opportunities

Industry Insights

Platform to Share Expertise

Advance Careers

Build Business

Our Mission
Our mission is to enhance the collaboration and education of meetings and events professionals throughout the Rocky Mountain region. We aim to foster a community where innovative ideas, best practices, and cutting-edge strategies are shared to elevate the standards of the industry and create memorable, impactful events.
Our Vision
Our vision is to be the premier resource and advocate for meetings and events professionals in Colorado. We strive to create an inclusive, supportive, and dynamic environment where industry leaders can connect, grow, and thrive together. By uniting our diverse community, we aim to drive the meetings industry forward, making it more vibrant, innovative, and sustainable.
MIC of Colorado Provides Top-Notch Education for Members
MIC of Colorado Provides Assistance with Business Building
MIC of Colorado Gives Back

What We Do

Our annual Educational Conference and Trade Show is a highlight, offering dynamic presentations, thought leadership, and a chance to connect with global exhibitors. This event is designed to meet the unique needs of meeting planners, event professionals, and industry vendors, providing a space where they can learn, collaborate, and grow together.
In addition to our conference, MIC member organizations host various events throughout the year, including conferences, workshops, webinars, and social gatherings. These events are tailored to address current industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, ensuring that our members are well-equipped to excel in their roles.
We are also committed to giving back to our community. Through initiatives like Serving Up Hope and Global Meetings Industry Day, we strive to make a positive impact on those facing hardships as well as advocate for the future and vibrancy of the industry.
MIC of Colorado Speaker on Multilingual Events
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