MIC Management Company Info

Unfortunately, we must announce that Rocky Mountain Event Consultants (RMEC), MIC’s Management Company, has made the difficult decision not to renew their full-service contract after June 2021. Please see below for letters from MIC Chair, Kimberly Forte and Freddie Templeton of RMEC.

Due to this decision, Meetings Industry Council of Colorado (MIC) is looking for a new Management Company to start May 1st in order to create a smooth transition between RMEC and new management. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about this position, you can apply via the MIC Job Board on the MIC Website HERE. The deadline for submitting an RFP is March 31st, 2021.

Letter from RMEC:

Dear MIC Council Members:

Rocky Mountain Event Consultants, LLC (RMEC) is celebrating 25 years in business as of May 2021. During these past 25 years RMEC has managed corporate events, festivals and 7 associations in all, but two, in the hospitality industry. Many of these association members have become “Family” forging lifelong friendships that we treasure.

The above being said, RMEC has made the difficult decision not to renew our full-service MIC management contract after June 2021. This decision was not made lightly and continues to tug at our hearts but needs to happen to bring balance back to our lives after an extremely hard year for all of us. Our resignation has nothing to do with anyone on the MIC Council and it has everything to do with our current MIC Council. We have been incredibly blessed with amazing leadership for the past 20 years and we believe the current MIC Council leadership has the talent, skills, and energy to help MIC, and RMEC, through a seamless transition and continue to take MIC to the innovative places it has always strived for. RMEC is not closing its doors.

                                          Click HERE to read the full letter
Freddie Templeton


Letter from MIC Chair:

Over the last 16 years, MIC has had a strong working relationship with Rocky Mountain Events Consultants (RMEC). During this time RMEC has assisted the Council to create a very special organization. The executive committee and I are sad to hear that RMEC will not be renewing their contract for the future. However, we are confident that RMEC and MIC will create a seamless transition as we navigate through this new endeavor and begin the RFP process. Should you have any questions regarding the process, please let me know. I look forward to the new adventures for MIC!


In the Spirit of Hospitality,
Kimberly Forte                                                          Click HERE to read the full letter
Chair of the Meetings Industry Council